Comic-Con 2016 Masquerade Ball trophy

Working with The Build Shop and Amelia from the Motion Picture Costumers Union, Local 705, We Modeled, 3D Printed, and then electroplated for the final look.

I 3D modeled this under Amelia’s direction, The Build shop 3D Printed it with there polyjet, objet 3D printer. Then had it electroplated.
Comic-Con’s 42nd Masquerade Costume Competition


Motion Picture Costumers Union, Local 705: Clip the stray threads and hide those safety pins! This year for the first time The Motion Picture Costumers Union Local 705 is joining the judges table for the 42nd Annual Masquerade event. The costumers’/judges’ choice will win a trophy created by members of the union, and generous prizes from their Premier Sponsors. This technical award is seeking Costume Entries whose skillful execution, creativity, and attention to detail most highlights an imaginative adaptation of the source or custom design.

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