Akralon Celtic Barbarian

Deep inside the mountain forests of Akralon, known for their unparalleled beauty and dangerous inhabitants, roams a fearless warrior known as the Celt. As the arctic wind knifes through his matted braids, his stoic stance is that of a fortress unmoved by the harsh bite of the cold. His awareness is constant, sharpened by years of mortal combat against foes that have fallen much larger men. Slung over his shoulders and inscribed within the steel of his twin Carolingian swords, lies his family’s coat of arms; a remembrance of generations of men that fought against the dark evils of this world, when other men cowered and ran. The Ancient Celtic Runes running down his arms and etched deep inside his skin do not hide the battle scars he endured while standing for what he believes in, the only thing still worth fighting for, his loyalty.

Check back for progress updates and enjoy the journey as we go from low poly to sculpted beauty!

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