This is a python script that I developed in preparation for my initial phone interview with Google.

It is an interactive Doodle “Google” style inside of Maya for this St. Patty’s day and a good example of my scripting capabilities in Maya.

There are a couple of bugs/limitations I haven’t sorted yet. One of which is when selecting multiple objects only one of the objects will fade to Green not all of them.
Another thing is you can only run one word at a time  with no spaces.  To try a different word start a new scene. Instructions are in comments at the bottom of the script.

The script as a whole is not practical for most projects but the individual steps used can be applied to many situations.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s St. Patty’s day, not Easter? I don’t see any eggs?

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I’ve always wanted to publish more models on Turbosquid, but I’ve always run into a wall when it comes to prepping the files for publishing. There are many requirements and it just seemed to prove tedious to export the model in 3 formats, take screenshots, provide a high and a low poly for all the formats as well, so that means exporting 6 files. Now if I laid out the UV’s and textured it I need to provide that image as well. Also, I need to create a 360 image sequence which they encourage. Of course I need a wire frame image of this too. 4hrs later I finally go to publish it and of course something wrong with the model. So I need to re do all of this. Needless to say it takes me a day to publish something. Yeah I’m slow, well not any more.

I’ve since automated nearly 80% of this. The script does pretty much everything described above.


Features currently available.

  • Builds a camera to rotate around the model in 24 frames. (frames can be adjusted)
  • Exports 4 formats(fbx, ma, obj, stl), in low and high poly versions.
  • Renders that sequence shaded with wire frame.
  • Then Does the same Textured with no wire frame.
  • Then again smoothed with no wire frame.
  • Then renames the images with 3 digit padding
  • Bundles all of this in a subfolder right next to the file location called /bg360 with renders in subfolder called /images.
  • Uses the current selection in the outliner as the name of the file. (forces proper object naming)

Features I’d like to add

  • Exports the UV’s for the Low Poly.
  • Render with smooth preview instead of actually smoothing the object
  • Bundles files with any Textures used.
  • Add options for image size.  (Currently it defaults to 1024×1024)
  • Turn on resolution gate for quick composition


This took about 2 days to script in python from scratch. This script now switches your current view to the 360 camera created and locks left right panning so you can pick a vertical angle and zoom in accordingly. You have to set up the render settings before hand, as well. By default it uses hardware 2.0 for fast good looking images.  Although you can set up whatever kind of rendering you want (Mental Ray, VRay, etc) and it’ll render with that.  Needless to say, I’m gunna get those 2 days back pretty quick when publishing models. So look out for new models being published here on

I’m not releasing this script at this point in time. I’d like to optimize the code and also get it so the rendering happens in the background without locking up Maya. I believe I can achieve this by launching a second session of Maya that is calling a script with parameters.  This could also leverage a way to render on other workstations, without render dispatch software.  I would also like to also keep this flexible so that it could be used in a render farm situation.

So much is possible with this kind of scripting.  You can view an example of images output here.

This is a pair of 3D Printable Sunglasses I put together for a client.  The screen shot of the glasses below is Low Poly and exported with very high tessellation for great 3D printing quality. I used a displacement map for the text on the side arm of the model, in this case that needs to remain very High Poly. The logo in the top right corner of the face needs to remain Low Poly to maintain the shape. I automated the 360 renderings with a script I created.

Click photo for interactive 360 and wire frame view.

Salvage Sunglasses

bg3d is now on

December 5th, 2013

Do you have a 3D model you’re looking to bring into the physical world? Look no further, my high resolution Ultimaker 3D printer is now accessible to everyone on! Lots of colors are available. Currently I have Black, White, Gray, Red, Orange, and Natural PLA. I also have Flexible White PLA. I can order other colors as well.  I typically print everything at .05mm layer height, unless a larger layer height will not effect the quality.



As of now, I believe that I am the only hub that can offer custom painting on your 3d printed object.

3D Printed painted cat

Click here to go to bg3d’s 3dhub and get your model printed and painted today!

These are a pair of Cycling shorts. The purpose of this model is mainly for making your own design and seeing it on the 3D model. The UV’s are laid out according to the pattern.
The Model is available on Turbosquid for purchase.

Mouse over image for wire frame.

I have completely revamped this script since I first wrote it.  I simplified it completely.  It’s now just a script that launches Cura externally and loads your poly model directly into it.  Then you finish by using cura and changing the print settings there and send to SD or printer from Cura.

download the  mayaToCura script and unzip it into your “documents/maya/scripts”  folder and restart maya

add a button on your shelf with the following python command (the easiest way I find to do this is copy and paste into the python script editor, highlite both lines then middle mouse drag ‘n’ drop onto your favorite shelf.)

import mayaToCura

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This 3D model is based on the Fanimation Enigma Ceiling fan.  I spotted this fan in the beginning of the movie i-robot with Will Smith and was completely blown away by the design and had to have one.  Needless to say I don’t actually own one but I found out where to buy one and how much it would cost and decided to model it and put it into my CG Bedroom scene.  It’s now available for $5 on Turbosquid.

Enigma Fan Smooth

*Model updated November 27th 2013

I own this real coffee table in and modeled it to scale to move it around in my living room in a virtual space.  This model isn’t the most accurate but it does represent the shape well.  I plan on doing a higher level of accuracy with drawer at a later date.


2013 Nissan Altima: Enough

June 22nd, 2012

And a funny one…